It's been an unsual 2020, to say at least. For me personally, it gave me the opportunity to make a lot of different Christmas cookies this holiday season which I haven't had the time in the last four years (I shared my last "Christmas Cookie Baking" 
here). It's been such a joy baking in my very own kitchen instead of a professional restaurant kitchen. 
I made 28 different kinds of cookies and in total I made 1346 cookies, besides of countless of delicious lussekatter (Swedish sweet Christmas brioche with saffron) which are on of my favorite brioche of all time.  I still have to share my lussekatter recipe with you. But there is hope: there is always a next year and a next Christmas. 

1  Grenobler Nusskekse (Grenoble Nut Cookies)
2  Pepparkakor (Swedish Gingerbread Cookies, my recipe is here)
3  Syltkakor I (Swedish Jam Cookies)
Spekulatius (German Speculoos Cookies, my recipe is here)
5  Gewürzkugeln (Chocolate Spice Balls)
6   Schokoladenstäbchen (Chocolate Sticks)
7   Tuiles aux Amandes
8   Sirapskakor (Sliced Sirup Cookies)
9   Orangenmonde (Orange Cookies with Orange Jam)
10 Müsliflorentiner (Granola Florentine Cookies)
11 Vanillekipferl (Vanilla Crescents)
12 Glühweinschnitten (Mulled Wine Squares)
13 Minzecken (Mint Chocolate Corners)
14 Cardamom chocolate cookies
15 Dunkle Wölkchen (Dark Chocolate Clouds)
16 Skurnar Chokladkakor (Swedish Sliced Chocolate Cookies With Pearl Sugar, my recipe is here)
17 Bärentatzen (Chocolate Bear Paws)
18 Spanisches Brot (Cookies with Almonds and Meringue)
19 Elisenlenkuchen (my recipe is here)
20 Pfauenauge (Peacock Eyes Cookies, my recipe is here)
21 Spritskransar (Spritz Cookies)
22 Zitronen Terassen (Lemon Curd Terraces)
23 Russinkakor (Raisin Oatmeal Cookies, my recipe is here)
24 Haselnuss Nussknacker (Hazelnut Nut Crackers)
25 Havreflarn (Swedish Crispy Oat Cookies)
26 Überraschungsiglus (Surprise Balls Filled with Toffee)
27 Weiße Wölkchen (White Chocolate Clouds)
28 Schokoladensterne (Chocolate Stars)