Happy New Year, my dearest readers! I hope you had a great start into 2017.
In today's blog post, I want to share the Christmas cookies that I made for the holiday season. I think I never ever made so many different kinds of cookies than for the 2016 Christmas season. I made 44 different cookies and in total, I made 1790 cookies (yes, I counted every single cookie that I made). It is my personal record of Christmas cookie baking and I loved every single minute of making the cookies. There are Christmas cookies that I make every single year but every year I also try new cookie recipes. My favorite new cookies that I made this year , no last year, were Soft Walnut Gingerbread Squares and Springerle.
I also made two Swedish soft gingerbread cakes (my recipe is here), a Christmas Fruit Cake and countless of lussekatter (Swedish sweet bread with saffron). Besides my Christmas baking I also made more than 30 caramell apple mousse cakes, more than 15 snowball mousse cakes and I also made a batch of my chocolate brioches.
December has been a wonderful baking month and I am already looking forward to next December.

1 Formar (Little Tart Shells that are served with whipped cream and jam or cherries, These little cakes are eaten during Christmas time in Sweden)
2 Dunkle Wölkchen (Dark Chocolate Clouds)
3 Haselnuss Nussknacker (Hazelnut Nut Crackers)
4 Glühweinschnitten (Mulled Wine Squares)
5 Elisenlebkuchen (German Soft Gingerbread Cookies)
6 Zitronen Terassen (Lemon Curd Terraces)
7 Havreflarn (Swedish Crispy Oat Cookies)
8 Spekulatius I (German Speculoos Cookies, my recipe is here)
9 Spekulatius II (German Speculoos / I dropped the cookie tin and my Speculoos cookies broke)
10 Springerle (Traditional German Christmas Cookies)
11 Basler Leckerli (Swiss Cookies from Basel)
12 Weiße Wölkchen (White Chocolate Clouds)
13 Schokoladenstäbchen (Chocolate Sticks)
14 Wespenenster (Wasps' Nests, Cookies with Almonds and Chocolate)
15 Müsliflorentiner (Granola Florentine Cookies)
16 Vanillekipferl (Vanilla Crescents)
17 Walnusslebkuchen (Soft Walnut Gingerbread Squares)
18 Schokoladensterne mit Rosa Pfeffer (Chocolate Stars with Pink Pepparcorns)
19 Kokosmakronen (Coconut Macaroons)
20 Russinkakor (Raisin Oatmeal Cookies, my recipe is here)
21 Syltkakor I (Swedish Jam Cookies)
22 Syltkakor II (Swedish Jam Cookies)
23 Basler Brunsli (Swiss Cookies)
24 Zimtsterne (German Cinnamon Stars)
25 Sirapskakor (Sliced Sirup Cookies)
26 Schokoladensterne (Chocolate Stars)
27 Minzecken (Mint Corners)
28 Spanisches Brot (Cookies with Almonds and Meringue)
29 Linzer Auge (Cookies Sandwiched with Jam)
30 Walnussschokoladenkekse (Walnut Cookies Sandwiched with Praline Chocolate)
31 Gewürzkugeln (Chocolate Spice Balls)
32 Orangenmonde (Orange Cookies with Orange Jam)
33 Überraschungsiglus (Surprise Balls Filled with Toffee)
34 Pfauenauge (Peacock Eyes Cookies, my recipe is here)
35 Schokoladenmakronen (Chocolate Macaroons)
36 Spritskransar (Spritz Cookies)
37 Grenobler Nusskekse (Grenoble Nut Cookies)
38 Skurnar Chokladkakor (Swedish Sliced Chocolate Cookies With Pearl Sugar, my recipe is here)
39 Skurnar Chokladkakor (Swedish Sliced CHocolate Cookies With Almonds, my recipe is here)
40 Schokoladentaler mit Orangen (Chocolate Rounds with Orange)
41 Pepparkakor (Swedish Gingerbread Cookies, my recipe is here)
42 Zitronenecken (Lemon Corners Filled With Red Currant Jam)
43 Bärentatzen (Chocolate Bear Paws)
44 Snowcap Cookies