Nothing makes me happier than baking. I daydream of new cake creations every single day. I love discovering new (or new to me) bakeries and pastry stores. I can spend hours and hours browsing through patisserie books. I never get bored but the contrary, it gives me so much joy and energy. The other day, I was browsing through my blog posts that I shared in 2016. It made me so incredible happy and it brought back all the sweet memories.
I today's blog post, I want to share with you my absolute favorite moments of 2016, even though it was not an easy task to choose because all the blog posts that I share with you are close to my heart.

In February, I shared my Cherry Blossom Mousse cake creation with you. The Japanese movie "Sweet Red Bean Paste" (あん), directed by Naomi Kawase, inspired me to make these cherry cakes. It is a very moving movie and it was of my favorite movies that I watched last year.
In March, I went on a very spontaneous trip to Paris and it was my favorite trip to Paris. Every day I walked hours and hours around Paris and visited countless of Parisian boulangeries and patisseries. While in Paris, I visited the Vandermeersch Boulangerie for the very first time and tried the famous kouglof. I am still dreaming of this delicious kouglof. I am also dreaming of all the delicious pastries I tried in Paris, in particular the Saint- honoré cake of the Café Angelina.
In March, I also shared this delicious grapefruit tartlet recipe with the creamiest grapefruit curd that you can imagine. This recipe was a result of having too many egg yolks leftovers. My dad requested 65 madeleines for an event and I used my favorite madeleine recipe which calls for many egg whites ( I needed 600 g egg whites). My madeleines were a big success which made me very happy and at the same time, I created these delicious grapefruit tartlets.
In May, I shared my Matcha Mousse Cake recipe which is another sweet moment for me. I love green tea. I drink more than a liter of green tea every day. Every afternoon, I have a bowl with matcha tea and I love this ritual preparing the matcha tea. My Matcha tea cake is an recreation of a matcha mousse cake that I once ate in Seoul while studying there.

In the summer time, I went on long bike rides in the countryside. On one of my bike rides I found a patch of wild strawberries at the edge of a forest. It was such a moment of happiness and I often reminisce about this summer moment. I decorated my midsommar tartlets with wild strawberries that I picked at the edge of the forest. The photos my midsommar tartlet is also one of my favorite cake photos that I took last year. Moreover, I tried out a new shortcrust pastry recipe by Cheryl Koh and it became my favorite shortcrust recipe using for tart shell.
In June, I shared my strawberry lemongrass mousse cake creation with you which was another sweet moment of 2016. I cannot wait for this year's strawberry season.
I also created my König Ludwig Törtchen (Cherry Chocolate Mousse Cake) cakes with you. The cakes were a recreation of a torte that I tried at the Cafe Palmenhaus on the grounds of the Castle Nymphenburg which is one of my favorite corners of my hometown Munich. These mousse cakes were also part of the 110 cakes that I made for my brother's dissertation party.
My absolute favorite, favorite, favorite cake that I made last year was the my Caramel Apple Mascarpone Vanilla Mousse Cake that I made in December. This cake is my favorite cake that I have ever created in my life. When I tried the cake for the first time I had tears in my eyes. This is how emotional I can get over cake.
I am looking forward to new cake adventures in 2017. For my part, there are changes in the air. I do not want to share it right now but sometime this year I will share it with you. But I am sure you won't be surprised when telling the news.