I never posted a recipe or a photo of my more complicated cakes or as I like to call them „Patisserie cakes“. I do not why exactly but maybe one reason is that these kinds of cakes take a lot of time to prepare, you need a lot of dedication and  you need to be incredible patience. Moreover, I do not recommend making it, if you do not have so much baking experience because I think there will be only frustration and you will never make a cake again. And this is exactly what I want to avoid.
I made this raspberry vanilla cream cake - in the picture above - a few weeks ago and it is one of my most “professional” cakes I have ever made. It consists of a sponge cage and four different layers. I spent a few hours in the kitchen and I used a lot of bowls but I had so much joy during the entire process of making this cake. I wish I had more time to make Patisserie cakes but usually I make these cakes only a few times a year and for special occasions.
Another reason why I do not post any Patisserie cake recipes is that I feel I need more experiences and practice. The more I make these kinds of cakes I feel more confident and every time the cakes looks better and more professional. Maybe one day I will post Patisserie cake recipe and can give you some advice but in the time being I will continue to present you my more simple recipes. Perhaps here and there I can post photos of my Patisserie creation but do not think I will show off.