Last spring, I recommended the delicious Elisabeth-Rhabarber Törtchen from the E.Knapp & R. Wenig Bäckerei (bakery) in Munich; today I have another cake recommendation from this bakery. I was eying an apple cake in the bakery window display for weeks and weeks but I did not buy the cake since there was too much cookies and cake leftover from Christmas that had to be eaten. A few days ago, I finally bought the Bratäpfelchen cake (baked apple cake) and I was not dissapointed by this delicate looking apple cake. In fact, the cake was so delicious that I had to write an impromptu cake recommendation for you. It makes me happy that there are still bakeries and pastries stores that value high quality produce and that are clearly not a mass product which unfortunately, becomes more and more the norm.

Similar to the Elisabeth - Rhabarber Törtchen, the apple cake consists of a crispy shortcrust pastry shell - which is excellent -  and the cake is filled with almonds, raisins, of course apple cubes and decorated with a slice of apple. It is a classic, rustic apple cake which could not be better. The shortcrust pastry in crispy and the apple almond raisins mixture is perfect balanced out. The cake is also not too sweet. Eating this Bratäpfelchen cake was such a cake pleasure and recreating this delicious cake is on top of my list that I want to make.
If you happen to be in Munich, visit the Knapp & Wenig Bäckerei which located in the city center, just a few minutes from Marienplatz. It is truly a beautiful tiny bakery.

E. Knapp & R. Wenig Bäckerei
Neuturmstraße 3
80331 München
(The bakery is a ten minutes walk from the Marienplatz. It is next to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Hofbräuhaus is around the corner, too.)
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Saturday: 7:30 am to 7:00 pm
Sundays: closed