I am truly sorry that I am only now announcing the winner of my little giveaway. I have been really sick in the last couple of days. Thankfully I am better now and I have the strength again getting up from my bed.
Dear Kat and Shangching, thank you for participating in my giveaway. I love both of your answers. The spatula is also one of my favorite baking tool. Every time I use the spatula, which I use almost every day, I think to myself that it is one of the best inventions.
Just as Kat, I also own cookie cutters and cake pans that used to belong my Swedish grandmother who died a month before I was born. But by using the cake pans and cookie cutters I feel a very special connection to it.
Back to the giveaway...
I wrote your names on two little pieces of paper. I placed the notes in a mixing bowl. stirred with a wooden spoon, closed my eyes and draw a piece of paper.
The winner is Kat. Congratulations! Please sent me an Email (bakingwithmarianne@gmail.com) with your address. so I can sent you the giveaway package.
Shangching, please do not be sad. I have prepared a lovely Christmas package for you, too.
Happy Holidays!