Running a marathon is still on my to-do list. While dreaming to achieve this goal in 2014 I run a cookie Christmas marathon last week. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I made 24 different kinds of Christmas cookies, three Christmas cakes, two baguette parisienne and two batches of sweet buns. Altogether I made 1298 cookies. I know, know I am crazy and I counted every single cookie that I made.
This blog is also a baking diary for me and maybe one day when I am an old grandma I can look back and ask myself “how many cookies did I made for Christmas in 2013 and what kind of Christmas cookies did I made in 2013”. You never know what kind of important questions you will ask as a grandma. So I am better be prepared for it.:-)
In the photos you can see the different kinds of Christmas cookies that I made. My favorite Christmas cookies are Vanillekipferl, Lebkuchen, Pepparkakor (my recipe is here) and Spekulatius. I hope I can find the time to post the recipes of my favorite cookies in the next few days. This year I tried out a new recipe of Vanillekipferl and it was the best recipe I ever tried out. 
This year I also bought a handmade Spekulatius mold at a Christmas market and I love the mold. Because I am so in love with the Spekulatius mold I bought a second mold and I will give it away to you, my dear readers, in the next few days. Stay tuned.

1 Havreflarn (Crispy Oat Cookies, Swedish)
2 Elisen Lebkuchen (Soft Gingerbread Cookies, German)
3 Spanisches Brot (Spanish Bread, German)
4 Kokoskakor (Coconut Macaroon, German/Swedish)
5 Linzer Auge (Cookies sandwiched with jam, Austrian/German)
6 Hästkor (Horse Shoe Cookies, Swedish)
7 Formkakor (Shell Cookies, served with freshly whipped cream and jam, Swedish)
8 Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Stars, German)
9 Bärentatzen (Bear Paw, German)
10 Schokoladenmakronen (Chocolate Macaroon, Austrian/German)
11 Geminzte Ecken (Mint Corners, German)
12 Gewürzkugel (Spice Ball, German)
13 Pepparkaka (Gingerbread Cookies, my recipe is here, Swedish)
14 Spekulatius (Almond Spice Cookies, German)
15 Weiße Wölkchen (White and Dark Chocolate Clouds, German)
16 Syltkaka (Jam Cookies, Swedish)
17 Überraschungsiglus (Surprise Igloo, German)
18 Spritskransar (Spritz Cookies, German/Swedish)
19 Florentiner (Florentine Cookies, Italian)
20 Weihnachtssterne (Christmas Stars filled with jam and covered with dark chocolate, German)
21 Vanillekipferl (Vanilla Crescent, Austrian/German)
22 Russinkaka (Raisin Oat Cookies, Swedish)
23 Chokladsnittar (Chocolate Bites, Swedish)
24 Grenobler Nussplätzchen (Grenoble Nut Cookies, Swiss/German)