It happened again. 
I returned my new lens. That is the story of my life or a very typical Marianne moment.
I was taking photos for a cookie recipe which I am very excited about. It is another recipe from my mom that she makes for more than three decades and everyone loves these Swedish cookies. I cannot wait to share the recipe with you. 
I looked at my food photos and I was very, very unhappy. I did not like the depths of field in my images at all. It was too much and I felt it was not me. I used a Nikon 50mm/f 1.4 lens which suppose to be the “perfect lens” for food photography but it does not suit me at all. So I returned my 50 mm Nikon lens and now I am waiting for my new Nikon 35 mm/f 1.8 lens to arrive.
In the meantime I want to share some photos with you. Whenever I visit my parents I hop on my bike and 20 minutes later I am surrounded by the most beautiful countryside. It is so calm, the air is clean and when I am lucky I can even see the mountains, the Alps, from a distance. It is a little corner of the world that I like a lot.